We take illegal and questionable content very seriously. 

If you see something that doesn’t seem right on my site please Report It to The Gritty Kitty Club so we can look into it. 

All reported issues will be reviewed and resolved within seven business days.

We will review all reported content.   If the content does not directly involve you or someone you represent you may not directly hear back from us once reviewed and a decision is made (either content is deemed illegal and removed or it will be deemed safe and remain) . 

If the content does directly affect you or someone you represent but was posted in the comments by another user we will review the material and remove anything we deem illegal or unsafe.

  If the content is of you or someone you represent and was posted by the Gritty Kitty Club itself we will be in contact with you to directly investigate the issue further and come up with a solution.  Any content proven to have been created/ posted without consent or in violation of any local laws will be removed.

You can reach out a second time to appeal a decision made.   After a second review the decision will be final.

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